30 Basics We’d Splurge On and 30 More Affordable Options

I’ll admit it—I haven’t always been the best at prioritizing basics when shopping. I’d often reach for trendier pieces because they would quickly capture my attention, but then I’d end up struggling to put outfits together in the morning. It wasn’t till working at Who What Wear and learning from my fellow editors where I realized that in order to create a long-lasting wardrobe, I have to opt for the more staple piece vs. the trendy item that may be an Instagram hit. That’s not to say I won’t be buying a funky item here and there, but I also need to work on keeping my basics up to snuff.

Whether it’s a relaxed trouser from Totême or a sleek blazer from H&M, there a plethora of trusty basics waiting for you no matter your budget. Below, I’ve relayed 30 staple items that I think are worth the investment and 30 basics that are very budget-friendly. Keep on scrolling to take a look and hopefully, shop.

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