30 Best White Boots to Buy This Season

Congratulations to all who celebrate because it’s that time of year; fall. While there are things we all love about warm weather, the slow decline in temperatures allows us to finally embrace all the best things in life (like leather jackets and chunky sweaters). But the real cold weather fanatics know that the best thing about fall and winter is the boots, hands down. There’s something to be said about the power of a great pair of boots—it can make or break any ensemble. So you can understand why investing in a great pair is of the utmost importance. 

Of course, discerning which boots to buy can be challenging. Do you buy trendy boots? Or play it safe and invest in a simple pair? Having to decide is probably one of the few pitfalls of this season, but luckily for us, some options can fulfill all our desires, and they come in the form of white boots. Season after season, shoes that have come in this solid hue have stayed in style for a good reason. White boots are a perennial favorite among the fashion set because of their ability to walk the fine line between being a statement-making piece and a staple. The versatility of this boot (both in style and styling) makes it one of the smartest investments you can make, hands down. 

There are fewer better boots to buy (other than black) for fall. And to prove that, I’ve rounded up the 30 best white boots to shop at every price point, along with including a few white boot outfits to inspire you too. Prepare to fall in love with this boot style. 

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