32 Lightweight Winter Jackets That Just Make Sense

The L.A.-girl urge to load up on puffer jackets every winter is strong. This may be because winter fashion is heavily inclined toward heavy coats and jackets meant for subzero temperatures, and they just look so cozy. Can you blame us for wanting in?

However, after several years of living between New York and L.A., I noticed I only actually wear a handful of jackets when I’m on the West Coast. There’s no need to force a fur-coat moment when a beach day is also a viable option. Save the puffers for skiing or your trips east, and stick to the below 32 lightweight jackets to keep you more than toasty through the mild winters in L.A., Miami, and the like.

Between bombers, denim, moto jackets, and very fashion cropped numbers, there are so many good options that you won’t envy your East Coast friends and their puffers again. I promise.

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