6 Expensive-Looking Sweater Styles to Shop Under $150

Have you ever thought, “I’d be a better dresser if I had money”? It’s a common misconception (even among the fashion set) that wealth equates to style. Don’t get me wrong. Certain pieces are worth investing in, but that by no means indicates that something is chic. As consumers, our relationship with what’s worth buying needs to change when it comes to affordable fashion and the luxury end of the spectrum.

If something is considered a “luxury” item but not sustainably made and is churned out at the same rate as fast fashion, is it worth the hefty price tag? And on the other hand, is it actually bad if something falls within the realm of affordable fashion but can be produced and consumed with the intention of making it a forever piece? These are prompts we all have to ask ourselves when thinking about what we’re adding to our carts, and it’s something that can inform how we shop for one specific winter staple: sweaters

There’s no denying the importance of investing in great knits. However, not everyone can dole out the dough for a cashmere sweater. But that doesn’t mean a lack of funds should limit your ability to look like a million bucks. So in that vein, I’ve scoured the internet to identify six sweater styles that always look chic, whether you pay $30 or $300. Plus, I’ve shopped out the best expensive-looking sweaters, all under $150. These knits prove that true style doesn’t require a steep price tag. 

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