600V super-junctions in DFN8x8 for servers

AONV110A60 has 110mΩ on-resistance, and AONV140A60 has 140mΩ.

“Years ago, we could hardly imagine high voltage DFN8x8 devices widely adopted for server systems above 400W. People used packages such as TO-220(F) or D2PAK. Given the large stray inductance and height, traditional through-hole package types are no longer the options”, according to AOS, and in typical PFC and LLC stages “packages with Kelvin sources suppress di/dt induced Vgs transients and turn-on losses”.

As well as in fast-switching power stages, the company is also pushing the devices as front-end mains-voltage controlled active rectifiers. “In an internal benchmark,” it said, “we compared four AONV110A60 with the typical 8A GBU806 diode bridge” at 300W 90Vac and found “3.16W loss with an active bridge vs. 6.12W loss with a diode bridge, increasing the efficiency by 1.1%” – AOS makes an active rectifier controller – the AOZ7200.

Away from servers, solar micro-inverters are another possible application, as are power adapters. “In slim adapter designs, DFN8x8 devices, together with high frequency switching controllers and planar transformers, could easily push system density to >20W/in3, and efficiency up to >93% with active bridges,” it said.

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