A Fashion Editor Walks Into Zara, She Plans These 8 Outfits

You don’t have to be a Zara expert or a superfan to reap all the benefits of visiting the retailer’s site.  In fact, we’ll even argue that you don’t necessarily have to spend a penny at the retailer in order to find the store helpful. Simply put: A favorite pastime of ours is scouring outfit inspiration from all sources across the internet—Zara’s e-commerce listings not excluded.

The brand’s in-house styling offers a chockful of outfit ideas, but we’ve also found ourselves mentally creating multiple outfits from the latest selection of new arrivals. And while some outfits can be loosely re-created with what we have, we are tempted to purchase it-items like the under-$50 metallic bag our team keeps talking about or the rosette choker that looks fresh off the runway.

If you’re on the hunt for fresh outfits, look no further. The eight creative Zara-approved outfits below are on-trend and shoppable. From office-ready attire to showstopping holiday ensembles, we’ve got all the bases covered. Feel free to copy each look, or shop any key pieces to style them yourself. Here’s to a season of stellar outfits.

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