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Choosing holiday care for your cat

Let’s take a look at the various types of holiday care for cats. Whether you are planning to take your cat away with you on holiday or are leaving them at home, we have all the answers you need to find the right solution.

One of the common questions asked is ‘should I take my cat away on holiday with me?’ The answer to this depends on your cat’s temperament, as well as your holiday location.

Due to their territorial nature, many cats can become anxious and disoriented when taken away from their home. They are also not generally used to car journeys in the same way that dogs might be. Because of this, they may be happier with a pet sitter or in a cattery.

Is taking your cat on holiday the right option for you?

When deciding whether taking your cat on holiday is a good idea, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your holiday home cat-friendly?
  • If your cat is used to having outdoor access, would they be happy being kept in? (You don’t want any escapes while in an unfamiliar location!)
  • Does your cat become anxious during car journeys?
  • Would your cat be comfortable in an unfamiliar setting?
  • If you are going abroad, does your cat have the necessary vaccinations?

Once you have carefully considered the above points, providing you have a cat that wouldn’t mind going on holiday with you, it’s recommended to make sure their microchip has your holiday details on, as well as your home ones, just in case.

Pet sitters

Pet sitters give cats one-to-one care while you are away, looking after them in your own home. This is a great option for cats that have a tendency to be more nervous and many cats will be happiest in their own, familiar home.

Is a pet sitter the right cat holiday care option for you?

Reasons to use a pet sitter while on holiday include:

  • Your cat gets to stay in their own territory with their own things
  • They don’t have to make a car journey
  • They may still get outdoor access whilst you are away
  • The pet sitter can become a familiar and much loved human to your cat
  • Cats receive one-to-one care and attention

Top tips for choosing a pet sitter

If you are thinking of choosing a pet sitter, you should check the following points to ensure your cat is in the best hands while you’re away:

  • Make sure your pet sitter is suitably qualified and insured
  • Check online for reviews and feedback, or ask for references, our friendly online community can help here.
  • If possible, have the pet sitter familiarise themselves with your cat before you go on holiday, helping them to feel more comfortable with the person that will be looking after them

Boarding cattery

A boarding cattery works in a similar way to a hotel, with each cat having its own space for the duration of its holiday. Catteries vary in design, so it’s important to see what they look like and make sure you are happy with your cat staying there.

Is a boarding cattery the right cat holiday care option for you?

Reasons to use a boarding cattery for your cat include:

  • You know where your cat is and that they are safe
  • Once they are used to the cattery, the carers become familiar
  • If you regularly use the same cattery, cats become familiar with the surroundings

Top tips for choosing a boarding cattery

  • Make sure the staff are suitably qualified and that the cattery has insurance that covers your pet
  • Ensure the pens are individual with a run, but with no communal areas
  • Check their policy on non-inoculated cats
  • Have a look around the premises before booking to check you are happy
  • Check whether you can provide your cat’s own bedding and toys to help them settle
  • If there are kennels onsite, make sure the cattery isn’t right next to them, so your cat doesn’t have to hear barking dogs during its stay
  • Contact catteries a long time before you require cat holiday care, as a good cattery is likely to fill up quickly during peak times

Top tips for choosing cat holiday care

Whichever type of cat holiday care you choose, it’s important to make the right decision for your cat. Follow these steps to make sure they are safe and happy while you’re away:

  • Do your research thoroughly, including viewing reviews and recommendations
  • Ask all of the questions that you have
  • Ensure they show interest in your cat and any specific requirements your cat may have
  • Make sure anybody looking after your cat is suitably qualified and insured
  • Find out the typical daily routine for cats in your choice of holiday care
  • Check what happens if your pet requires medical attention while you are away
  • Inspect the premises that your cat will be staying in if they will not be at home
  • Make sure you are happy with your decision

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