Chippin Sustainable Pet Dog Treats Review 2021

When it comes to living a more sustainable lifestyle, a few things immediately come to mind: Ditching single-use plastic bags for a cute Baggu, for example, or getting an electric set of wheels. Maybe you even made a climate-friendly swap with your snack game. But have you considered your pet’s impact on Mother Earth? Until recently, I hadn’t. All that changed when I came across startup pet brand Chippin. The name is an invitation for folks to “chip in” and play their part in saving the planet — starting with what you’re feeding Fido. According to the brand’s website, dogs in the U.S. account for the fifth-highest meat consumption by country globally — and we already know that the meat industry isn’t exactly great for the earth. Chippin offers a simple-yet-genius solution: Swap traditional meat proteins like chicken and beef with sustainable sources of protein like silver carp, spinach, and cricket. (Yes, crickets — they’re high in essential amino acids and vitamin B12.) Additionally, in lieu of conventional packaging, Chippin’s pouches are made from 28% post-consumer recycled materials. The brand is also certified plastic-neutral, meaning they remove as much plastic from the environment as they use in their manufacturing process.

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