Farnell stocks Murata components for EV fast charging infrastructure

The DLW series common mode choke coils (CMCC for signal and power are designed to reduce the common mode noise in differential transmission for automotive and EV charging applications. The low profile construction and high self-resonance frequency enable high cut-off frequency for high speed differential signal lines. The coils also offer 6A maximum current for the power line, making it suitable for an input connector from an AC adapter. Multiple sizes are available.

The distributor is also shipping Murata’s MGJ1 series of dc-dc converters for powering high side and low side gate drive circuits for IGBTs and SiC FETS in inverters. They are characterised by low isolation capacitance, continuous barrier withstand voltage 3kV dc, common mode transient immunity (CMTI) >200kV/µs and partial discharge performance. The converters can be used with a choice of asymmetric output voltages and are also suitable for medical and factory automation use.

The third addition is the DK1 series Y1 capacitors, safety-certified capacitors are placed at the side of a power line input to eliminate noise that builds up primarily in commercial ac power lines. They are suitable for all ac-dc switching power supplies which require a low profile and can be used in place of larger lead type capacitors. The plate-shaped terminals on a disc-shaped ceramic dielectric are fitted within a plastic mould for a mounted height of 2.5mm or less.  The capacitors are also suitable for compact AV equipment, LED illumination and 1U rack mounted equipment.

In addition to in-stock availability, the  distributor offers dedicated online application guides to help engineers accelerate time-to-market and maximise performance.

Murata’s range of EV charging and power solutions, connectivity modules, sensors and passive components are used in the mobility, communications equipment, healthcare, industrial and personal electronics markets.


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