Nikola Tesla’s Death Ray To Defend Ukraine

 Nikola Tesla’s Death Ray is to be deployed to defend  Ukraine.

A prototype of the Death Ray  has been built over a period of 10 years by the Australian scientist Professor Adrian David Cheok .with funding from Khazanah Nasional, Malaysia, and it will be provided to Ukraine as a defensive weapon.

The electric prototype is capable of killing from a distance of 500km, according to Nikola Tesla. This would include destroying any aircraft within this distance.

Professor Cheok described the four individual inventions which are part of the “Death Beam.” 

One is responsible for producing rays, and the second for “huge electrical forces”. The third invention amplifies the second invention, and the final invention produces “a tremendous electrical repelling force”..l

The ray gun emits microscopic, electrically charged particles. Tesla’s weapon included mechanisms capable of  producing around 60 million Volts of electricity.

This required large, static power plants with the cost of one such weapon station estimated at $2 million in 1940.

Here is a photo of the inventor which purports to show him reading a book while his ray gun performs around him:

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