Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on Her Beauty Brand’s Success

Even though our meeting is over Zoom, it’s immediately apparent that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has a presence. With slicked-back and honey-streaked hair, peony-tinged cheeks, and raspberry-stained lips, the model and founder of Rose Inc. exudes a quiet, polished confidence, even through a screen. 

She’s calling in from a room with beige walls, light wood floors, and five picture frames carefully lined up on a wall behind her. This kind of minimalist design makes me think of her makeup brand, Rose Inc., which comes in clean, simplistic packaging that looks like something you could display on your vanity rather than keep in your makeup drawer. The formulas are high performance, using ingredients derived from plants. The packaging is made with 25% post-consumer recycled plastic, and sustainability is one of the brand’s pillars. 

Not to mention, Rose Inc. is the perfect encapsulation of Huntington-Whiteley’s personal beauty philosophy. “My mum once said something to me,” she says. “It’s always stuck with me. She said to me, ‘Makeup should enhance you, not hide you.’ How I understand that now is that we all have the parts of us that we don’t like and the flaws, or the things that make us unique, whatever those are. And instead of masking those things, it’s about embracing them.”

If you look at Rose Inc.’s products, it almost seems like they were designed with Huntington-Whiteley’s mother’s words in mind. Each product is designed to provide subtle enhancements. Born from an online community and content platform that Huntington-Whiteley started in 2018, the brand has blossomed into something exciting and unique. Keep reading for the rest of our beauty-centric conversation. 

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