The 9 Best Button-Down Shirts, According to Editors

If you ask any Who What Wear fashion editor what their favorite basics are, a button-down shirt will probably be on their list. It’s one of the most versatile items you can own, and it can and should be worn year-round. They’re also quite trendy at the moment, so we’ve been wearing them even more as of late. We’re not complaining about that.

The thing is, however, not all button-down shirts are created equal. A lot could go wrong. Some aren’t oversize enough, while others swallow you up. Some are too long, are too short, wrinkle too easily… You get the idea. So who better to provide you with button-down-shirt recommendations than us discerning fashion editors? 

Below, you’ll find nine Who What Wear editors’ favorite button-downs, and between all of us, we’ve probably tried hundreds. Based on our personal experiences, we don’t think you’ll regret these winning options because, yeah, we’re picky.

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